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The team


6 years strong

We’ve stayed small on purpose. Creative is so fast moving and subjective, we found that being a nimble team based on personal similarities and complementary skills has allowed us to be a well rounded Creative Partner to our clients.




Creative Director

Matt is the founder of SLATE. He’s had his fair share of trying to do everything himself when SLATE first started. But now, with a highly skilled team around him, he knows how to get his clients’ ideas to take shape.

His first photo was out of focus.




Chief Financial Officer

Nick manages our company growth, on-top of internal organisation. He comes with a background in business and I.T. He is no stranger to sticking his head into a meeting or two, especially if there is coffee involved.

His favourite brother is Matt.




Director of Accounts & Operations

Alexander is involved with day-to-day management of clients and project timelines. He loves achieving positive outcomes for both team and client!

His current bench press pr is 155kg




Strategic Advisor

Famously known for loving a chat, Lachie has connected the dots and helps bring life and voice into SLATE. He advises strategy and growth in both internal and external points in the business.

His favourite brewery is Range Brewing.




Head of Branding

With the heart of a narrator and an appetite of an artist, Julienne has an eye for all things creative. She is responsible for making things look as beautiful as they can be.

Her favourite movie is Matthias et Maxime (2019).




Web Developer

Mitchell is our resident web developer. He knows all about code and CMS systems so he’s definitely got you covered. He is guaranteed to optimise your site to let people know exactly just what you have to offer.

His current best official Rubik’s cube solve is 10.64s.




Sound Engineer & Videographer

Toby looks after on-set recording, vocal narration, and post-production sound design. He also has a background in video/photo which allows him to jump across projects easy peasy.

His favourite thing to do outside of work is to produce music





There is no shortage of ideas when it comes to Jack. His ability to accurately shape your creative and define brand character into a video is unparalleled. He is our lead DP for a reason!

His favourite type of shoot is one that lets him use an easy-rig




Video & Photo

Otherwise known as Andii, he loves immersing himself in the whole project shooting on site and then bringing the vision to life in the edit suite.

His current hobby outside of the office is golf.




Graphic Designer

Jared is involved with the look and feel of projects. He offers design expertise on creative and technical aspects across SLATE’s range of clients for both corporate sectors and the arts.

His favourite premiere league team is Manchester City.





Kurt brings it all to the table when it comes to photography. For a love of making products and people look their best on a camera screen, he’s got no shortage of ideas on how to make it happen

His favourite music video is Stick - JID & J. Cole





Channeling her inner actor, Mia knows all ins and outs of what it takes to bring an ad campaign to life. From scouting the right talent and location, all the way through to ensuring crew is running smoothly on the day.

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