Rennie Partners

Branding Strategy | Website Design | Creative Production

The Client

Rennie Partners was founded in 2021 by two senior strategy and regulatory consultants, Simone Rennie and Matt Rennie.  After 20 years working across Australia and internationally, both Matt and Simone found themselves focusing on solving problems for clients, regulators and companies consequent to the transition to a low carbon future.  At the same time, they saw a need for a new advisory model – the development of a values-based, deep expertise, and high partner involvement model that provides a balanced approach to the challenges, risks and opportunities created by the transition, for incumbent companies as well as new market entrants.  

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The Purpose

Rennie Partners engaged SLATE to develop a branding and style guide, and website during the pre-launch phase of their net-zero emissions consulting firm. In Considering the global transition towards a low-carbon future, Rennie Partner’s branding was required to depict a sophisticated yet innovative organisation to help represent and engage their niche target market. SLATE was also tasked with the development of a suite of corporate documents and associated artefacts (I.e., letterhead, Business Cards, email signatures/footers) for both internal and external use.

The website was required to have an easily accessible back-end user interface (UI) for constant updates to content (copy) in order to reflect regulation changes and insights, whilst maintaining an attractive aesthetic. Considering the website would be the first major digital touchpoint for the company, it needed to be executed with fine attention to detail to reinforce the legitimacy of a new business within a relatively saturated industry (consulting and advisory).

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The Strategy

Through several interactions and workshops, SLATE communicated with Rennie Partners to understand the goals of the newly established organisation, their mission/vision and how they would like the company to be perceived by their customers and the general public. These conversations placed a large focus on depicting the brand's purpose, from its core values to services offered to prospective clients. This allowed for key values of the brand to be well understood, including authenticity, resilience and excellence. From this, the brand's voice and image began to form through the development of colour pallets, logos, logo variations, typography and visual assets (style guide and style assets). After seeking acceptance of the style guide and assets, SLATE progressed to creating pitch documents and templates (corporate artefacts) for future adaptation and uses within a digital landspace.  

To help develop the company's digital footprint and establish its brand presence, SLATE developed the organisation's website via a simple third-party hosting platform to enable Rennie Partners staff to easily modify site content. This enabled the founders to leverage their sizeable following on LinkedIn, through blog posts and articles, to direct traffic to their website. Custom CSS and HTML were scripted within the site to allow for certain user experiences and website capabilities; agnostic of the platform used to access the website (I.e. cross-platform compatibility). This integration elevated this companies' digital presence and allowed for users to engage with the business with ease whilst providing them with an experience that stood out from the competition. All elements on the website were developed to adapt depending on the user's devices and size/resolution.  

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