Branding and Website Design

The Client

Based in Brisbane, Australia, NvPods was founded in 2020, whilst looking for a pair of bluetooth earbuds that were: high quality, stylish and affordable.When looking, we found that the only high quality products on the market were monopolised by Billion $ Tech companies and came with price tags to match. The only affordable alternative, was a pair of Earbuds that never came in the mail and then a second pair that took a month to arrive, but only to find they were of subpar quality.

"The team at SLATE are extremely passionate about what they do. They are transparent and very helpful. I couldn’t recommend them any more if you are serious about branding, web development or content creation"

Nicholas Hatzis - NVPODS: Founder

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The Purpose

Diving into the rebrand of NVPODS, we wanted to capitalise on separation and the personification of the brand. Designed to entice, the brand was stylised to emulate boldness and sophistication whilst appealing to an innovative audience.

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The Strategy

We played on the monochromatic colour palette and introduced geometric elements to support the brand's new image. All elements of the brand needed to match the organisations sophistication and confidence, running through its minimalistic product design to language used. Helping its audience "Discover the darker side of sound".

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