Creative Production

The Client

FitazFK operates in Australia and internationally selling a variety of fitness programs and products including activewear and equipment. The company has experienced rapid growth over the past couple of years and runs a gym in Brisbane where they host classes and personal training sessions.

"The entire team at slate are a pleasure to work with. Their “can do” attitude really puts them in another league. The team literally doesn’t stop until the job is perfect and us as a brand are 100% happy with the result. I would also like to point out how easy the team is to communicate with and commend them on their ability to understand a brief and provide value on ways to improve concepts."

Georgio Batsinilas - FitazFK: Co-Founder

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The Purpose

Coming into the fourth quarter of the year FitazFK approached SLATE to create a launch campaign for their first protein supplement to expand their e-commerce side of the business. The company gave complete creative freedom to SLATE and trusted our vision for the project. The product came in four variants and required website graphics and well as a full set of promotional videos and photos.

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The Strategy

There were several factors to consider when developing the strategy for this project. Considering the nature of supplements, the final assets needed to clearly outline the health benefits and ingredients of the product whilst maintain the FitazFK branding.

This led us to develop graphics which diversified each product through colours whilst clearly highlighting the main ingredients. These graphics were implemented throughout the website and social platforms. Alongside this, a video campaign was designed to outline the benefits of the product whilst capturing the attention of the audience through fast pace colour changes and high energy music.

The campaign was then coupled with several product and lifestyle photos to reinforce the ethos of the brand.  

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