Born Bred

Website Design

The Client

Born Bred Talent represents some of Australia and New Zealand’s biggest stars in social media. Within their lineup, you’ll find over 250 of the world’s biggest, most in-demand content creators, artists, singers and musicians, entertainers, comedians, professional athletes, and entrepreneurs. Amongst their roster – you’ll find the likes of viral TikTok comedy duo The Inspired Unemployed, powerhouse satirical news network, Betoota Advocate, and one of Australia’s biggest TikTok superstars, Sarah Magusara. And that’s just a little taste of the stellar talent squad they have in store.

"Slate Media are a highly skilled and driven team that go above and beyond to ensure their client’s expectations are met. We work with the team on a consistent basis to ensure we can provide our clients with ground breaking, high quality results in areas of which we continue to be trailblazers in the market, Slate and their friendly team have been a vital factor in bringing some of these exciting strategies to life. We also worked with the team to bring to life a new, exciting and fast paced website and the Slate guys delivered exactly what we envisioned!"

Clare Winterbourne - Born Bred: Founder

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The Purpose

Coming into 2021, the team at Born Bred Talent wanted to change up their online appearance and website. Alongside this, the organisation was splitting into two separate divisions; Born Bred Talent and Born Bred Creative. Therefore, the company's new website needed to allow the user to visit both sides of the business from the same portal.

The Talent side of the site needed to showcase the 150+ creators managed by the organisation alongside the numerous brands they have collaborated with. On the other hand, the Creative side of the site needed to appeal more to brands looking to engage with Born Bred for their marketing services.

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The Strategy

In order to ensure consistency for the company and its employees, the new site was developed within the pre-existing CMS - allowing for a painless transition and transfer. Based on the creative brief, we designed the site to captivate the user through their journey. Through alternating background colours to rotating elements, we allowed the user to transition from one mood to another within the same page.

We made this design paired with Born Bred’s minimalistic branding and monochromatic colour scheme. Despite the site being hosted within WordPress, each page was custom coded and designed to ensure uniqueness and interactiveness.

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