All Power Steering

Branding Strategy

The Client

All Power Steering has been proudly serving the truck and bus industry since 1986. The team understands the unique needs of heavy vehicle drivers. The organisation values trust and uses the latest technology to detect and repair any faults within steering box or pumps. Their workshop has the capability to provide assemblies, repairs, manual to power steering conversions.

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The Purpose

All Power Steering engaged with us to initiate an organisational brand realignment. APS wanted us to redefine the brand from the inside out, building from the brands heritage and experience to bring it into a new era.

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The Strategy

Focusing on the business's experience within the industry we wanted to design the brand around quality and safety. Through pairing the vibrancy of the primary orange with industry imagery we were able to strengthen the brand whilst separating it from its competitors within the industry.

Committed to the journey, All Power Steering safely moves workers and cargo across the vast Australian landscape within the heavy transportation industry. The phrase “Built for the Journey” is a promise to the audience that despite the long hours and sizeable load, the steering system won’t fail. The messaging insinuates expertise and communicates quality to the audience whilst remaining true to the brand purpose

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