Advance Steel Manufacturing

Branding Strategy and Design

The Client

Rebranding from Cellcon Pty, Advance Steel Manufacturing (ASM) specialises in the development of tailored steel solutions for a range of clientele. The organisation sits on the edge of innovation within the industry, focusing on incorporating high-level AI technology within its service processes. ASM approached SLATE to lead the rebranding strategy for the organisations to move into its next stage.

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The Purpose

Building Blocks - derived from the ferritic unit cell, the organisations visual library explores the atomic building blocks of steel. The logomark was developed by studying the shape of the metallic bond of steel paired with its nucleus. This created an appropriate linkage to the ASM’s core as well as developing a simple yet impactful icon.

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The Strategy

Inspired by polymerisation reactions, the icon was utilised to form several unique patterns. Each pattern is loosely represents the chemical development of steel and speaks to the innovative side of the brand. Derived from the shape of neural networks and their movement, the image treatment speaks to the technical side of the organisation and can be used to isolate subjects through either the naturally more opaque centre of the element or via masking.

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