Listen twice, talk once.
Honesty is the best policy.
Great creative is simple.
Be bold, stay humble.
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Matt Pettigrew
Founder and Creative Director

Matt is the founder of SLATE. He started off as the all-round, do-everything, go-getter. Since then he has built up a team of equally skilled individuals that all specialise in their own field.

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William Grunwald
Account Director

Will's top priority is to make sure clients have the best possible experience engaging with SLATE. He is one of the bridges between the client and the internal team.

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Nick Pettigrew

Nick manages SLATE's internal direction and company growth. He comes from a background of business development and IT. He is no stranger to sticking his head into a meeting here or there, especially if there is a coffee involved.

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Mitchell Anderson
Website Developer

Mitchell is SLATE's web designer. Knowing all things code/CMS systems he’s got you covered and will optimise your site built from the ground up to let people know exactly what you have to offer… whilst making it look fantastic at the same time.

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Julienne Pancho
Graphic Designer

Julienne has an eye for all things design. Jumping across all of our service offerings Jules makes sure our projects are sharp and clean.

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Toby Hobart

Toby is involved within all aspects of SLATE’s creative processes. Toby comes from a background of production and videography - he looks after on-set recording, vocal narration in sound booths as well as post-mix/mastering and sound design.

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Jacob Castle
Post Production

Jacob is key to our post-production team.